Little Walter Tube Amps

The Amp is the Little Walter Tube Amps ‘44.  The amp has an octal preamp section (8 pin tubes) and 4 6V6 power tubes.   It uses a GZ34 Rectifier tube.  This combination gives you the ability to drive the tone and then back down your instrument to clean up the tone.  The combination of the octal preamp section and the 6V6 power tubes create an unbelievable dynamic response.   The Amp and speaker cabinets will have Gold (Polished Brass) Little Walter Logo Plates and a special gold face on the chassis with the Big House logo and Gold Top Les Paul Knobs as well as gold piping around the amp face.  Their will also be a plate on the rear of the amp that specifies it as a limited edition  “Big House Gold Front 44”  and will be numbered 1 of 24, etc.    The amp head will come with a pair of 112L speaker cabinets in Black with Bluesbreaker grill and small gold piping around the speaker baffle.  One speaker cab will be loaded with a “HempDog 12” speaker and the other cabinet will be loaded with a Allesandro SC 64 12” speaker.  This combination of speakers will accommodate any style or genre of music.