The Town




Macon and the Allman Brothers Band have come full-circle. Visit Macon and walk in the footsteps of the band. Drive down Duane Allman Boulevard, cross the Raymond Berry Oakley II Bridge, dine at the H&H, reflect at Rose Hill, and see the Big House – only then can you truly appreciate the magnitude of this band and its importance to rock music and the South.

Mama Louise’s H and H Restaurant is still downtown, still serving up those sweet potato pies and smiles with a side of collard greens, just like always. Capricorn Records is still here, too—well, the building, with it its own set of legends and lore. Stroll along the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail and take in the view of historic Rose Hill Cemetery overlooking the river, anchoring the city, guarding the cherished legacy of the Allman Brothers just as it guarded the generations of Macon folks who passed before them. Macon folks. That’s what we call our own. Duane, Gregg and Berry and all the others were Macon folks. So are Little Richard, Otis Redding, Mike Mills & Bill Berry of REM, Jason Aldean, Robert McDuffie, and Chuck Leavell. For years those in the music business referred to the recording meccas as the 3 M’s: Motown, Memphis and Macon. We may not be recording anymore but we are an influence that has transcended several decades.

So here’s the question: could The Big House have come to exist in any other place on earth besides Macon, Georgia? Probably. Could the Allman Brothers have made their magic somewhere else? Possibly. Would any of it have been as real, as timeless, as exciting, as memorable, as it was here in Macon? Not likely.

There is more to Macon than music. Plan a day or two and enjoy a truly southern town and experience some of our charms! Click on “A Little More Soul” to get a sampling of our southern ways!

Places to visit in Macon: