Gregg Allman Items

Original painting used as cover art for Gregg Allman’s LP “Laid Back”  (1972)

Artist:  Mati Klarwein

On loan, courtesy of Otto K. Zielke

Leather, silver, and turquoise belt owned and worn by Gregg Allman (circa 1973)

On loan, courtesy of Otto K. Zielke

Original four-piece suit and shirt worn by Gregg Allman’s character ‘Gaines’ in the Lili Fini Zanuck-directed feature film “Rush” (1991)

On loan, courtesy of Otto K. Zielke

Otto Zielke is an avid music fan, memorabilia collector, archivist, and preservationist of rare and historical music artifacts with a particular focus on The Allman Brothers Band, Capricorn Records, and their associated artists. For more artifacts and cool memorabilia, visit Otto’s website at www.oddtoes.com.


Eat a Peach Guitar

The “Eat a Peach” Guitar, made and donated by James Macdonald of Maine.

Donated on September 22, 2018.

Now hanging proudly in The Big House Museum!

For more information about James Macdonald and his wood designs, visit his website HERE!