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Otto Zielke is an avid music fan, memorabilia collector, archivist, and preservationist of rare and historical music artifacts with a particular focus on The Allman Brothers Band, Capricorn Records, and their associated artists. For more artifacts and cool memorabilia, visit Otto’s website at www.oddtoes.com. He has been kind enough to lend us the following items:

Also on display we have the "Eat a Peach" guitar, made and donated by James Macdonald of Maine:


James Macdonald has been creating marquetry and inlay work at his studio in Burnham, Maine since 1989. Before setting out on his own he spent time cabinet making, guitar making and boat building in Connecticut. Possibly one of the last original back-to-the-landers, he moved to Maine in 1984, built a passive-solar house, and settled in. Since then he has been designing and making fine furniture, guitars, art pieces, and portraiture to the highest standards of craftsmanship. To see more of James' work, check out his website here!

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