Galadrielle Allman Book Signing

Galabrielle Allman book cover

The Big House is pleased to have Galadrielle for a book signing, April 13 from 4 – 6:00 pm.

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Galadrielle Allman’s memoir, PLEASE BE WITH ME(Spiegel & Grau hardcover, on-sale March 4, 2014) is a revelatory meditation on the impact of her father, the legendary guitarist Duane Allman. Not only is this THE definitivebiography, with never-before-seen stories, photos, and primary source interviews, it is also a touching and beautifully written story of a daughter searching for her father in the memory of others.

Galadrielle Allman went to her first concert as an infant in diapers, held in her teenaged mother’s arms. Her father was playing–Duane Allman, founder of the legendary Allman Brothers Band, who would become known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Just a few short years into his remarkable career, he was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. Galadrielle was two years old. She was raised in the shadow of his loss and his fame. Her mother sought solace in a bohemian life, and friends and family found it too painful to talk about Duane. Galadrielle listened intently to his music, read articles about him, and yet the spotlight rendered him too simple and too perfect to know. She felt strangely akin to the fans who longed for him, but she needed to know more. It took her many years to accept that his story and his legacy is hers, so she began to ask for stories–from family, bandmates, friends–and they began to flow. The result, as her uncle Gregg Allman says, is a “deep and insightful book;” one that, “came as a revelation to me, as it will to everyone who reads it.”

Hear a clip from the audio version of the book, as read by Galadrielle herself, at

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