Gregg Allman’s Farewell

For a man who put his heart and soul into every performance, the Big House performed the same way for Gregg’s final farewell.
The Big House provided a home for all the musicians, staff and friends of the Allman Brothers Band attending the reception. Comfort and love poured through the doors of The Big House for Jaimoe, Allman, Betts, Trucks and Oakley families. The gathering truly brought things full circle back to where it all began.

The city of Macon closed Vineville Avenue (Highway 41) so fans from all over could gather and listen to the tribute jams. Local board members and other folks from Macon stated that they could not remember if they ever closed the road before for any event.
The police estimated their were well over 5,000 fans gathered to enjoy the tribute jams and celebrate the life of Gregg Allman.
It was great to see the fans, staff and board members cleaning up after the event so the bells could be ringing for the Sunday service at the church across the street.
Richard Brent and Maggie Johnson, along with our local volunteers, did an outstanding job to make this a seamless event.
It was a beautiful send off for a truly great musician. He will be dearly missed. Rest in peace GA.

Kindest Regards,
Paul Antonello
Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House
Board of Directors

(Photos by Craig Chambers)

(Photos by Paul Antonello)

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